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Lavì Still Wine
Etna Bianco

The Lavì Etna Bianco is an extraordinary example of the Etna terroir’s ability to produce white wines with a unique character and complexity. A hymn to the beauty and uniqueness of the volcanic landscape, this wine captures the soul of Etna in every sip, inviting a sensory journey through the magic of Sicily.

Sensorial analysis

Denomination: Etna Bianco DOC
Colour: Straw-yellow
Bouquet: intense and complex, with notes of white flowers, ripe citrus, and a slight mineral undertone, recalling the essence of the volcanic terroir
Taste: In the mouth, it is fresh and vibrant, with notable acidity that gives vitality to the sip. Nuances of pear, green apple, and citrus emerge, followed by a pleasant minerality.
Food matching: It pairs beautifully with fresh seafood, such as oysters and raw fish, as well as hard cheeses and more structured fish dishes.
Recommended glass: tulip-shaped glass
Serving temperature: 10-12 °C



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lavì still wines

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lavì still wines


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