“Le Sicilie sono tante, non finirò di contarle. Vi è la Sicilia verde del carrubbo, quella bianca delle saline, quella gialla dello zolfo, quella bionda del miele. Qui tutto è mischiato, cangiante, come nel più composito dei continenti”.

Gesualdo Bufalino, “L'isola plurale”, tratto dalla raccolta Cere perse

“Le Sicilie sono tante, non finirò di contarle. Vi è la Sicilia verde del carrubbo, quella bianca delle saline, quella gialla dello zolfo, quella bionda del miele. Qui tutto è mischiato, cangiante, come nel più composito dei continenti”.

Gesualdo Bufalino, “L'isola plurale”

A project that has its roots in a traditional viticulture that looks to the future and projects it on international markets of quality wines. A common vision where the new generations carry out an oenological design that focuses on the innovation and valorization of the territorial characteristics.


In the late 70’s, the Sicilian wine has been able to identify an important journey of rebirth. The starting point shared by many was in the land and in the vineyard, in the arms of those who cultivated it, in the family, from one generation to the other. However, an agent of change and perspective was given from a new awareness of the value of the wine in Sicily, and the chance of being able to rely on one’s identity and production capabilities, choosing the innovation, the organic and the sustainability.


A reality on the move

A reality on the move


A vision that found new life and new impetus in the generational shift of the ‘90s, making Colomba Bianca a solid and collective leader in a cohesive management team, fully committed in defining its own production and organizational model, focused on research in viticulture and enology. Colomba Bianca is in fact a member of that movement that take this challenge, by demolishing some logics of the past while aiming at the quality of the wines, at the productive peculiarities as well as the enhancement of the territorial diversity.


Good practices allowed Colomba Bianca to become one of the most interesting reality in the wine-making scene of the island. A process that, so far, has achieved the level of maturity in terms of entrepreneurship necessary to face the most important and competitive markets, both national and international, with a production specialization that focuses mainly on organic wines. A reality on the move, open to the world, with solid roots in the land and in the communities.


The road to the future

The road to the future


Year of foundation

In a distant day of Spring 1970, the founding members Gaetano Taschetta, Giuseppe Chirco and Ignazio Oliveri saw a white dove lying on the vineyard that they were visiting in the Trapani countryside. A predictive sign that gave rise to the name of a cooperative, meant to become a model for the Sicilian viticulture and winemaking scene.

Production start-up

Colomba Bianca begins to transform its own grapes inside the first production plant Tre Cupole, surrounded by the countryside of Mazara and Salemi, with an approach that enhances the raw material and gives recognition to the work of the local winegrowers.

First projects of organic production

A demand for organic wines is growing within a new range of more aware and exigent consumers. Thanks to the precious contribution of the winemaker Carlo Ferracane, Colomba Bianca supports winegrowers in that conversion process of its own organically grown vineyards, in order to convey the potential of the area also within this new market segment.

Leonardo Taschetta elected Chairman

The company changes face and points its own production philosophy towards the consolidation of the productive mission and the value of the wine industry, as well as the land, providing the foundations of Colomba Bianca as we see it today. The beginning of a new virtuous path that will lead the company to become one of the biggest wine-making cooperatives in Sicily, as well as one of the major organic wine producers in Europe.

Acquisition of new plants

Colomba Bianca follows its development path through the acquisition of new production plants. Situated closer to the vineyards, the Tre Cupole, Vitese, Va di Mazara, La Vite and Torretta cellars are meant for the single production specializations. These factories exploits fermentation and ageing process differentiated according to the grape varieties. During the years, these wineries will be increasingly provided with modern and cutting-edge technology.

The Sparkling Art project

Together with the bottling process start-up for still wines, Colomba Bianca engages in the project of the Sparkling Art, celebrated through the introduction of a prestigious Classic Method. A new path that will lead the company to become a landmark in the Sicilian scene, thanks to cutting-edge technology and a Know How-based system.

First bottles of organic wine

The Vitese line takes its name from the homonymous winery located within the Vita countryside, marking the beginning of bottled-organic production. The first label produced is Grillo, followed by a wide range of organic wines made of autochthonous and international varieties.

The Resilience Project

Colomba Bianca carries on its work of enhancing the historical vines of the Sicilian winemaking tradition. The Resilience Project has its root in the concept of ‘resilience’ within the vine. The autochthonous Perricone and Lucido, in particular, play a leading role in a specific project of recovery and preservation, within high average-age, historical vineyards that carried out an extraordinary process of vines adjustment to the target habitat.

Colomba Bianca celebrates forty years

Colomba Bianca celebrates the fortieth anniversary of production through two exclusive wines. Symbol of a love path constantly looking for the best quality, Quarantanni Bianco Riserva, together with the Rosso Riserva convey the commitment and the passion of the 2480 winemakers.

The new headquarter

The new institutional headquarter is launched and located in Mazara del Vallo, Cartubuleo district, whereby in addition to all the offices of the cooperative, a modern analysis laboratory takes place provided with cutting-edge technology: a database that, harvest after harvest, embraces unique wealth of information allowing the company to achieve high-quality wines.

The Cara Terra project is born

A wine dedicated to our land, a brand that tells the story of Colomba Bianca’s commitment to producing territory wines, made in a sustainable way and respecting the environment. The organic and VIVA certified wine is not filtered and is kept in its integral form. Packaging is aware of a circular economy of recycling and reuse and therefore aims at minimizing the company’s impact on the environment.